A Unique Global Hosting Platform

Designed by some of the top engineers, web developers etc. our cloud hosting platform will work flawlessly regardless of what site you have there or how many co-occurring guests are surfing your site. What is more, it can hold up to virtually any distributed denial–of–service attack.

For this reason, we are able to confidently provide you with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means your website will always be on the web and will continue to serve visitors no matter what occurs in the background.

Star H0st’s US data center is situated in the downtown area of Chicago, IL – a geographically safe region with no possibility of earthquakes and tornadoes. This gives it an advantage over data centers physically located in California, which are far more likely to be hit by natural cataclysms.

The most popular UK datacenter – Pulsant. It’s found in Maidenhead, only a few miles outside the London Metropolis.

If your website is aimed mainly towards Great Britain, Europe or Africa, our own data center in the UK is the best option for you. All of your customers will be fascinated with the better web site loading times and will have a substantially improved browsing experience. In addition, as you are going to be physically nearer to them, you will also rank significantly better on Internet search engines for local searches.

Data center in Australia that meets our high criteria as related to connectivity, power and cooling options. The Amaze datacenter, located in the heart of Australia’s biggest city – Sydney.

With the data center in AU, you will be able to take pleasure from excellent web site loading speeds for any websites you’ve hosted there. And because we have been able to set up our own internal network, we are able to guarantee you a 99.9% network uptime for any web site as well as any server that’s positioned in our data center in AU.

If you are looking to increase your market into the fast-growing market in Eastern Europe, we've got a perfect solution for you - our Eastern European datacenter, based in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Situated at a crossroad of both local and global Internet providers, our Eastern European datacenter features great connectivity options with all the countries in the area, like: Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etc.

If you wish to host your website inside a facility that is intended to withstand aerial attack, EMP attacks and many types of natural disasters, then our Finnish data center is an ideal choice for you. Positioned in a former belowground armed forces facility, it will warrant outstanding protection for all of your web sites.

Furthermore, on account of its location, this data center features incredible connectivity with Russia, Northern and Central Europe, along with the world. If you wish your web sites to get the attention of more clients from these countries, the Finnish data center is the right selection.

Web Site Control Panel

A fundamental part of our cloud hosting system is actually the Web Site Control Panel called Hepsia. Hence, we intended it to be really easy to employ. Our Control Panel is rich in features and apart from all the essential website control solutions, it includes also a great number of instruments for experienced customers and developers.

What our Control Panel really does absolutely best is to let you direct your attention to controlling your sites and domain names. To give an example, you will no longer have to use a different billing panel – everything is conducted from the same place.

You can rid yourself of any FTP clients – our file manager offers a drag & drop file upload service. You don’t need to keep separate panels for you to handle distinctive websites – we’ve made multiple–website management really easy.

A website stats tool will begin operating the second you take your website on the Internet. And you can apply our Website Accelerator Tools to easily boost your website’s loading speed.

Customer Support

Irrespective of how successfully you maintain your site, there will come a time when you want to get in touch with the support team. And whenever you have got to wait for a few hours for them to reply, you are going to have a bad time.

At Star H0st, we have used a people-first process. For those who email us, we are going to answer in less than 60 min, it’s guaranteed. And our techs frequently react within 20 mins.

Plus, they’re quite seasoned – most of our specialists have around a few years of experience behind them. This suggests rapid, high–quality replies.